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If I was in prison , well, I wouldn't want to have him around my ankles...

Chainer is a Chain Bakugan.


Chainer is a Bakugan made up of chains. He swings his incredibly heavy metal spheres at the end of his arms with incredible strength to hit the enemy hard over the head. Doing this usually causes the enemy to have a bad headache and paralyzes them enough for another attack.

Game Edit

Chainer is a Bakugan available in Ventus and Pyrus. Its Ventus version has 700G like its Pyrus Version in New Vestroia play. In normal play, its Pyrus variation has 810G and its Ventus variation has 830G.


  • Heavy Ball: The enemy Bakugan loses 400 Gs.
  • Iron Chain: The enemy Bakugan loses 300 Gs.
  • Swing Ball: Adds 500 Gs to the user.
  • Magic Chain: Negate the enemies last ability chain.
  • Mad Magic Mania: Transfers 800 Gs from the opponent to Chainer and negates their last played ability.
  • Mad Magic Destroyer: Adds 200 Gs and the enemy may no longer play any abilities for their Bakugan.