Charecteristics and AbilitiesEdit

Hadesnoid is a special-evolution bakugan who the vexos modeled their own hades after.

It special-evolutes from Hydranoid.(Requiring a darkus energy that Exedra has and fuse it in his body so that he becomes a "living shadow".) He became Plasma's guardian bakugan after he got the darkus energy and evolved.

He has extreme anger and power, and is likely to evolve.Plasma is trying to make him evolute,but it is currently not ready.He has extreme hate for mechanical bakugan and will serve Plasma no matter what.His evolution is Mega hades.


Ability cards:

General Tasar:Absorbs 400g from the opponent.

Maximum Tasar:Deletes 500gs from opponent.

Death Burst:Adds 1000gs to Hadesnoid and subtracts 100from opponents.

Shadow Siege:Nullifies the opponents ability and lowers the opponent'sG-power to 200.

Demonic Outburst:Deletes 600gs fron opponent.

Dark devil:(Demon Devil) Opponent's G drops to base G-level.

Shadow Shield:Extracts darkness and reflects the ability back toward the opponent with three times the damage.

Demolition Roar:Nulifies all the opponents abiities and adds 500gs to Hadesnoid.

Death Crush:Reduces opponent's gs to 0

Darkness Eternity: Smash the opponents gate card and replace it with a darkus gate card.

(Chaos)Death Phaser EraserX :(Forbidden Ability Card)Double the current G-power and subtract 100gs from opponent.