Medium Elico (Subterra form)

He is Aquos, but doesn't have Aquos abilities. He can change to Subterra.

He has 600 Gs.

Only in Aquos.


He has a horn drill on his head, he has brown drills his arms, his eyes are red, his crystals are blue and his shoulder blades resemble drills. He has six tentacles with spikes at the tip on his back. He has a mask on his mouth. He has a long tail.


He is in Aquos, Subterra, Haos and a rare Pyrus.

  • Pyrus: 780, 800 Gs.
  • Subterra: 790, 830 Gs.
  • Haos: 590 Gs.
  • Aquos: 860, 890 Gs.


  • Gaia Luze: Every Bakugan goes back to its base level and the opponent cannot activate abilities due to Elico's attribute change. (Subterra)
  • Trick World: Brings the opponent's G-power to 100 Gs. (Subterra)
  • Subterra Force Alive: Nullifies the opponent's Gate Card and doubles all Subterra Bakugan's power-level on your team. (Subterra)